1)       Regulations’ Function and Amendments


The CAHA Regulations complement the CAHA Constitution. They can be amended by the Board of Directors of CAHA.


2)        Committees

In line with the objectives of the foundation of the association mentioned in the Caha regulation, effective committees can be established on certain issues such as common criteria, clinical practice and ethics, informing the public

I.          Training Committee

This committee has the duty of supervising the compliance of the trainings in the field of hypnosis with Ish, esh and CAHA criteria, evaluating the professions, organizing training and monitoring

II.          Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee has the duty of protecting, reviewing and making recommendations when necessary.

 III.          Web Committee


The Web committee has the responsibility to develop and maintain the web site for CAHA.

 IV.          Constitutional Committee


The Constitutional Committee is responsible for drafting the proposed amendments in the Constitution and regulations.

 V.          Membership Committee


The membership committee has the duty to evaluate the membership applications and to reach the conclusion. For this purpose, when evaluating the members, he will adopt the features set forth in the Constitution as guidelines.


3)        Committee’s Elections


The Chairs of these Committees are appointed by the Board of Directors. In exceptional circumstances the President may suggest a Chair for ratification by the Board of Directors. Each Committee consists of a Chair and at least two committee members. The President may be an ex-officio member of all these committees. Any amendment to the size of the Committee  is the responsibility of and in full agreement of that Committee.